From the Author

It was the end of 2013 and with my father we finished our first lectern, which allowed me to transfer my incursions from paper to frame. I consider that since I was a child I was quite observant, naturally imagining how to capture those things that captivated me when looking at them. Even more, how to also convey through oil those sensations that a certain scene produces in me. Thus, as I began, many more questions arose, such as what pigments would make up my palette and what techniques would I use on the canvas? Is a good drawing really important before reaching oil? In general, only doubts that intimidated my walk in the world of art, but also, that fed my curiosity.

With the passing of the years I became involved in the theoretical and the practical, through semesters of Experimental Painting and Color Workshops and years in workshops of artists of great trade and experience, who with generous feedback sharpened my work, observation, technique , its atmosphere and the chromatic balance that is perceived in each work.

Today there is a large number of artists of admirable talent, of which one can also visualize innumerable ways and paths to reach an objective: to evoke a certain sensation in the author and the viewer, through a visual stimulus.

Personally, my care lies in moving away from the abstract, as well as from the complex and photographic, but always in attachment to the figurative, in an attitude permeable to knowledge, trying to maintain an adequate balance between color, medium and content, to achieve easy-to-read works that stand on their own.

I believe that art must be shown and be able to be recognized without excessively obstructing the understanding and intention of the artist towards the viewer.

Finally, all I have to do is thank you for coming here...